How to Create and Use Music Rites

An authentic toolkit for dealing effectively with life's challenges

There is a special kind of person who seeks the more authentic experience, the genuine moment, the sweet fresh air escape from noise – a return to what’s real and what matters most. Often that person feels called to a purpose and frustrated by the world around them, right on the edge of giving up. That same person may also feel brief flashes of immense power or sustained surges of energy, punctuated by drawn-out periods stalled in the doldrums.

That person wants to be compassionate, empathic, kind, respectful, resilient, joyful, honorable...alive. That person realizes that their best self is essential, but for far more than personal success or victory...for significance. For sustained, collaborative growth. Because it's the right thing to do, and the right way to be.

If that's you, this Quest will teach you how to manage the first kind of feelings so that their energy actually enlivens the second kind. You will do that without hype, fancy production values, and impossible promises; everything you can learn here is self-demonstrably true. This is a Quest to remember and engage purposefully with the evidence-based musical power that mostly stays dormant in us, even though we'd like to think we're already masters of it.

Whether or not you're ready to begin your quest, there are some amazing no-cost tools available to you at the Music Care website, including this Free Guide to Authentic Resilience with Music you can use to turn any tough situation into an opportunity for authentic connection and transformative belonging.

While much of the interdisciplinary wisdom taught here is ancient and widely accepted, even understood, this Quest is historic. For the first time you can access the combined wisdom of ancient tradition and modern science in a simple, effective, life-transformative musical toolkit you can easily learn to use with skill.

To honor this first formal presentation and recognize its lineage, the tools are taught as ceremonial practices - everyday rituals you can use to master change, distress, depression, and anxiety for good, opening your potential for self-awareness and self-actualization.

Be very aware: you are about to either start or continue the Quest of your lifetime. Becoming self-aware changes everything, sometimes in ways that uncover old wounds or cast enough light that we also start to notice the shadows around us. Shadows add richness, but often they can frighten us as we assimilate their purpose and meaning. If you are here, you might have the courage to accept the challenges you will encounter on this Quest, starting with this one: how much value do you put on your own life?

Yes: it's difficult. And, you will learn how to build effective, purpose-driven rituals for both the most difficult and the most sublime moments of your life. You will begin to enjoy a new freedom with the competitive advantages you already have while building new skills others, who won't go this deep, may only dream of having. Really.

At its heart, this is a Quest that's all about you - a journey, should you choose to take it, that will lead you into a whole new way of being in the world. What you can learn here will change you...for good. Fair warning, though: as you change, you may have the desire to find mentors, coaches, teachers, counselors, therapists, or clinicians to augment your self-care. Please do that; you deserve it. The clarity you will find on this Quest will supercharge any other self-care work you already do or may do in the future.

All Questers progress through the same pathway, curriculum, and exercises. although there are four distinct levels of personal challenge available to you.

There are four ways of attempting this Quest: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

For those who want to make the deepest possible deeper inner commitment to transformation, the Platinum level process works best. If you are the kind of person who's getting results from a lifetime of self work and striving to move from success to significance, the Platinum level is for you. Your Quest is supported with personal 1:1 coaching by Bill Protzmann, assistance from team Quest Mentors, group interaction with others traversing the Quest, and regular online meetings during the Quest itself that extend your new skills and integrate them into the challenging opportunities of your life. As the name implies, it's also the highest value.

The other differences between the levels include:

  • The Platinum level is fully-coached 1:1 by Bill Protzmann and is designed to maximize your transformation and growth through collaborative deep work. Please use this link to inquire.

  • The Gold level is reserved for invitation only to members of the Armed Forces of any United Nations member Country, to American service members of the National Guard and Reserves, and to any bona-fide Veteran of military service. It is fully-coached 1:1. Qualified individuals may apply for a scholarship to cover the full cost of the Gold level Quest. Please use this link to inquire, and be prepared to provide bona-fide documentation of military service.

  • Silver Questers enjoy all benefits of Gold Questers without the requirement of current or former military service. although there is a fee of $2,497 USD to join the Quest at this level.

  • At the Bronze level, the Quest expects that you to be more or less self-sufficient with your inner work and, although your Quest will include online discussion with other Questers and Quest mentors, your own internal compass will be the tool you will use most at this level. The Bronze level fee is $997 USD.

Sometimes a conversation can be useful before jumping in on a new endeavor. Asking questions is a great way to clarify purpose and belonging. You can book a free, no-obligation conversation with Bill Protzmann directly using this link.

Bill Protzmann is an entrepreneur, musician, husband, father, and proud member of the human race. He's the founder of Music Care Inc, the first for-profit business established to teach you how to give yourself effective, evidence-based self care using nothing more than the music you love. Bill's work has been recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health with an Award of Excellence - the mental health industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

To book a free breakthrough coaching session with Bill, click here.

Quest Curriculum

  • 10 Levels
  • Coaching By Bill
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    What's a music rite?

    You will learn about how music has always been available to us as a tool, and the power of using musical tools in purposeful, almost ceremonial ways. This background will also introduce the language of music care. You will begin to identify the ritual-ready moments of your life.

  • Level 02


    This second "preparation" Level is about the things you'll need on hand to perform an effective music rite. In this Level, you'll assemble that gear and create a personal space for practicing its use.

  • Level 03


    Your first of three "build" Levels. Creating effective music rites begins with deepening your internal awareness of and connection to your emotions. You will do that if you were creating a strategic approach to the rest of your life. Here's a secret: you are.

  • Level 04


    This Level reveals the tools you need to accurately discover the emotions in the music you already love. Think you can do that well now? Just wait until you learn and use this tactical approach to the hidden emotional power of music.

  • Level 05


    It takes strategy, tactics, and ammunition to win a military campaign. In this level, you will learn how to make your own customized ammo. No worries: this military metaphor isn't about making war; it's about the fuel that powers your music ritual and how to use that fuel for good.

  • Level 06

    Locked and Loaded

    The most important Level in the Quest: everything you've learned so far comes together in one powerful playlist, and you make your very first musical rite around it.

  • Level 07

    Finding Neutral

    Before you can try your new skills in the wild, its important that you can find the powerful place called "neutral." Using your new skills, you will identify your own personal "neutral" and begin to practice ways of returning to it at will. Don't worry: there's a rite for this, too.

  • Level 08

    Into the Wild

    You've had time to practice, but now is the time to try out your new skills in real life. Your first solo rite. This Level can be daunting for introverts, or hard to control for extroverts, but you're ready. You may be surprised at how far you've grown...and at how many more rites you need to make.

  • Level 09

    Musical Corners

    The Wild can be brutal. This Level will help you keep your balance out there. You will learn to make several new kinds of music rites that take you to back to neutral. This is great practice for the net and final Level.

  • Level 10

    Your Own Personal Music Rites

    In this final Level, you will learn how to extend your new skills across the entire spectrum of your power. Most importantly, as you do this, you will find your trust in music rite deepening, and beginning to connect you more authentically with the other important parts of your being. It's very Zen!

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Success Stories

  • Gary J Rossio, ASHCP

    Past Director, VA Medical Center San Diego CA

    "Bill’s love of music, passion for Veterans and boundless energy to do the right thing in every situation is to be admired. I heartily endorse him and his work."

  • James T Hiott

    Scientist and Entrepreneur

    "Bill is a great mentor, and is open to new ideas, and cares greatly for his fellow people. He has been a great positive influence in my life. He believes in people, when they are having doubts in their self, which is what many people need, in order to succeed."

  • Doug Blackwood

    Cancer survivor, Military Veteran, peer counselor

    "I confronted my fear of cancer treatment radiation; initially with the Serenity Prayer and meditation. Then it dawned on me: I am seeking serenity. Bill gave me his 'Serenity' CD. The radiation techs played it for me. While the beams radiated, the piano sedated. The power of music! I left Protzmann’s CD for future patients."

  • Lesslie Keller

    CEO, Episcopal Community Services of California

    "Many thanks for your lively and thoughtful keynote address this morning at our Professional Growth Day. You were at once entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking. I confess I could sit and listen to you play the piano for hours, and so appreciate you sharing your gifts with us today."

  • Robert J Ackerman, PhD

    Intl authority on addiction and recovery

    "Listening to Bill Protzmann pulls all of the positive things about living into place. He is a master at his ability to relate his music to recovery for everyone. His music and his words of wisdom touch and teach at the same time that recovery is truly a gift, just like his music."

  • Eric Darling

    Sr HR NCO 1-109th FA, US Army National Guard (ret)

    "Bill is an amazing presenter. His speaking and training abilities are outmatched only by his passion for music and helping Veterans. I’m not sure why I like what he does, but his use of music for healing touches me on some deep level that I normally don’t allow to surface."

  • Rodney L Hatley, Esq

    LL M Asset Protection Attorney

    "If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. As he describes himself, he is a man on a mission, namely, to raise awareness of the power of music as self care. Your audience will be engaged, entertained, and enlightened."

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